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Spirit Rock Rules

You may only select one day for the rock per child. Consecutive days are not allowed.

  • We have too many students at our school & it would be unfair to allow one child to have multiple days

  • Rental of the rock is rain or shine.  There are no substitute days offered if it rains on the day you rented the rock.  We have had parents use a small tent over the rock and you are welcome to do that.

  • We cannot makes changes once you have rented the rock so be sure that is the day you want it rented for.  

Rock reservation starts at 4:00 pm the day before and you will have it until 4:00 pm the day of your reservation. (Example: You sign up for Monday August 20, you paint the rock Sunday August 19 at 4:00 pm)  

  • Please do not paint over the rock before 4:00 pm. (The people before you may want a picture of their rock with their kid on their birthday and if you paint it early, they may not be able to get this picture.)

Decorating the rock

  • Decorate/paint the rock yourself ... The school or PTO does NOT do this for you. There are a couple of companies you can pay to paint the rock for you, but you have to set that up with them.  

  • Please use spray can paint or acrylic paint on the rock. 


    • Glitter

    • Glue

    • Stickers

    • Puff Paint​

Spirit Rock Reservation

You must reserve this rock in order to paint it.

The cost is $10 a day and due to the amount of kids at our school,

we ask you to reserve it for only one day per student.  

Please follow these directions: 

  1. Select which rock:
    Car Rider Rock or the Bus Rider Rock.

  2. Check date for availability:
    This is first come, first serve.

  3. 3) Sign up for date: 
    Please include your name, your student's name, and phone number in the comments 
    (Phone number will not be shown) 

  4. Pay for the rock in the sign up genius.

A reminder email will be sent out by the sign up genius 2 days before your day (one day before you paint) 

CAR RIDER Spirit Rock

BUS RIDER Spirit Rock

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